31 December 2014

I expect we're going to be hearing more about Libya

This map, made by Middle East mapper Thomas van Linge, will help you get a sense of what's going on in Libya's chaotic civil war.
Some explanation of the color codes and the situation at Vox.

Posted for reference for when events there return to front-page news.  *sigh*

Addendum:  See also The Emirate of Cyrenaica, which includes this historical map:

(discussed at the link)


  1. A half year before Gaddafi's passing I wrote a post (the Emirate of Cyrenaica) about the divisions in Libya, and I noted that it looked more like a civil war to me. Sadly it is still going on.

    1. Excellent, Rob! I've added a link to your post (and harvested one of the maps.)

  2. interesting how the historical map matches the present day situation.



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