15 October 2014

The pure joy of "one last time"

"My grandma wanted to see the ocean one last time before checking into hospice.  Her face says it all."

Photo credit to ecost, who posted this at Reddit, where the discussion thread focuses on praising Hospice personnel (and I heartily agree).

It's hard to see in the embedded image (better in the original), but it looks like the wheelchair has large inflated wheels designed for beach transport.  I didn't know such modifications existed, but they certainly make sense for residents of coastal communities.

Addendum: a hat tip to reader OrcaSister for this link illustrating the beach wheelchair.


  1. Those beach wheelchairs are really, really terrific - but they're expensive. Some beach areas here in the UK have them available to rent (or, sometimes, borrow) via hotels, restaurants or other businesses, which is very welcome; like so much adaptive equipment, they're pretty prohibitive to buy for many people (several thousand pounds here).

  2. The smile on your grandmother's face is worth it all and what an uplifting post. This life has its perfect moments no matter what stage in life we find ourselves. I found out about the beach chairs when a friend traveled to Florida and rented one for the week. She can walk but doesn't have the energy to stand or walk for long periods, so the chair really worked out well. I follow your blog religiously (not meant to be a pun) and am glad that you blog. Your blog is probably the most interesting one I read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's why I posted this - for the joy on the grandmother's face. (Just to clarify - not my grandmother. Maybe I should amend the wording of the post.)

  3. Manzanita Beach, Oegon, USA loans a beach chair http://www.manzanitabikesandboards.com/wheelchair.html

  4. Wisconsin DNR has a program called "Open the Outdoors" providing a variety of adaptations for people with disabilities. At some state parks they even offer adaptive equipment, including the beach wheelchairs, sit-skis and more. There are accessible cabins and trails and boat landings. Adaptive hunting/fishing equipment, sports equipment are available for sale in many places (you would likely have to go online to order) and groups that promote and assist sportsmen and women in accessing the out of doors. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/openoutdoors/

  5. My mother-in-law made sure all her children learned to ski (alpine and cross-country) but never learned herself. She's now in her late 70s. A few years ago, we took her to one of our local ski hills where they offered sit ski tours and we "skied" with her. It was a fabulous experience -- especially as my daughter is a ski racer. I am grateful for how these adaptive technologies open up worlds not only to those with disabilities but to those like my mother-in-law.



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