21 October 2014

Comparing butter and margarine

Via Neatorama.


  1. I'm sorry, but margarine was NOT invented out of medical concern for cardiovascular issues!
    It was invented in France in 1869 as part of a competition organized by Napoléon III looking for a "fat compound resembling butter, but of lower cost, than can be stock for a long time without alteration of loss of nutritional value".

  2. The "CIS" bonds turning into "trans" bonds reminds me of Thalidomide. The drug would be an effective sedative, but the mirror image version of the drug caused deformities resulting in "flipper babies" http://www.chirality.org/homepage.htm

  3. And saturated fat is NOT a problem. It has no direct effect on the plaques that form in arteries.

    Fat IS calorie dense. So don't eat too much, duhhh. And something like a cake made out of real butter and real sugar are very hard to over-eat. Your brain tells you "Stop! Stop!", even though some people have spent their whole lives learning to over-ride that message. But you still pay for it afterwards with real food.


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