20 October 2014

Large American cities ranked liberal to conservative

My current location, Madison, Wisconsin, at a population of 240,000 is not big enough to make this list (250K lower limit), but would presumably rank down there by Minneapolis and Seattle.

Data apparently based on city policies, not on population surveys, from this study, via BoingBoing.


  1. Imagine how much fun I have living as a liberal in #1, good old Mormon stronghold Mesa AZ.

  2. Sounds like a nightmare. And you've got Sheriff Joe, too.

  3. One thing that I'd like to point out is that NO city (Mesa AZ comes closest) even reaches 0.5 on the Conservative side, whereas the most liberal city (San Francisco, CA) reaches 1.0 on the Liberal side. That tells me that their data is twisted, or skewed in some way.

    If it was up to me, Mesa, AZ would be placed at 1.0 on the Conservative Side, and San Francisco, CA would be placed at 1.0 on the Liberal Side, and the rest of the cities adjusted accordingly. At least that's how I'd do it.

    1. Maybe not. We are talking about *cities*, which tend to be more liberal than the rural areas or small towns.

  4. The conservative/liberal false dichotomy. They all agree on way too much for my comfort.


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