13 October 2014

Found at a yard sale ($2.00)

Not found by me, unfortunately (although this is one reason I like to browse auctions).  It's a nice copy even without that scribbling inside the cover.

Posted at Reddit.


  1. O.M.G. $2? Did the seller know who he was???

  2. That's actually happened to me twice when I've bought paperbacks very cheaply at second-hand bookshops (Roald Dahl's Kiss Kiss, and one of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books); I can only assume that sellers don't check inside the cover, particularly with paperbacks. Nothing on the scale (and value) of Hemmingway, but still...(and to be honest, I'd rather have Roald Dahl's scrawl in the front of a book than Papa Hemmingway's any day, and I'd never sell either of them).

  3. Also, it strikes me that I can't spell. ;)

  4. I picked up a book by W.G.Grace the great cricketer, only to find his signature inside. Paid £5 for it.


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