24 February 2008

A nice story out of Iraq

While on patrol in the Anbar province, Marine Maj. Brian Dennis spotted this dog, which he named Nubs after learning someone cut the ears off "believing it would make the dog more aggressive and alert"... He had lost a tooth and been bitten in the neck. Dennis found Nubs near death in freezing temperatures. The dog had been stabbed with a screwdriver. Dennis rubbed antibiotic cream on the wound and slept with Nubs to keep him warm.... Dennis thought he had seen the last of the dog when his squad headed back to its command post some 65 miles away. He couldn't take the dog with him and watched as it tried to follow the Humvees away from the border. Two days later he looked up and saw the dog staring at him. "Somehow that crazy damned dog tracked us..."

My inner skeptic has some doubts that the dog could "track" someone riding in a vehicle to a previously unvisited destination; I suspect the marine's buddies helped the dog find him, but in any case the story a pleasant change from the usual Iraq news; more details here, including the Marine's successful effort to get the dog back to the United States.

1 comment:

  1. I get the sense you haven't ever heard of the many, many, MANY similar accounts of pets doing such things.

    They are all anecdotal, but they certainly seem to be real.

    And no, the other GIs didn't have to help the dog.


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