23 February 2008

Two burglaries thwarted

A 15-year old boy and his sister were at home alone in Miami when burglars broke in. They saw a Playstation 3 box and started to search for the console. The boy decided to fight back; he grabbed his... samurai sword!! ... and struck the burglar with it, then chased the man down the street! His sister called the police, who apprehended the malefactor. (Apparently it wasn't one of those really great swords like in Kill Bill, or the chase would have been unnecessary).

The other episode occurred in Terrell, Texas. "An elderly couple remains shaken by an incident where seven people threatened to kill them as they tried to break through the couple's front door... As the door was coming down, the homeowner's son, Don Ashby, grabbed a shotgun and shot through the bottom of the door striking Lily in the right foot.... After the shooting, Ashby got a call from Lily's mother who reportedly told him she didn't appreciate him shooting her son..." (That qualifies as a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot). Shirley Ashby told the teen's mother she was sorry, but that the man shouldn't have been trying to break into their home. (no need to be that polite, ma'am)

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