27 February 2008

So you're sitting in class at college, when a gunman bursts through the door...

"An armed man who burst into a classroom at Elizabeth City State University was role-playing in an emergency response drill, but neither the students nor assistant professor Jingbin Wang knew that.... The drill was conducted just eight days after a gunman stormed a Northern Illinois University classroom, killing five people before he took his own life. Brown said students, staff and faculty were notified five days in advance that a drill would take place. The word went out via e-mail and text messages. Not everyone got the word.... The intruder instructed Wang to close the door and then ordered the seven students to line up along the wall. Wang said the man told them that he had been kicked out of school and that he needed a lung transplant. At one point, Wang said, the man threatened to kill the student who had the lowest grade point average..."

Brilliant. Truly brilliant. It might have been even more interesting had they performed the drill in a state with concealed carry laws. Full story at this link.

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