23 February 2008

What's the singular of "paparazzi"

It's "paparazzo." Speaking of which, the LA Times has an op-ed piece today by one who has quit his profession because of disgust with paparazzi behavior, specifically re Britney Spears.
"...celebrity pictures were worth far more than news pictures.... a spread in a glossy showbiz magazine could easily get you $10,000.... The market for photos of Britney Spears was particularly huge, with many photo agencies earning a full 30% of their income from the images of her latest trip to Starbucks or Rite-Aid -- or of her most recent mental breakdown.... Britney's white convertible would speed past... You'd drive so close that you'd keep one foot on the gas and the other covering the brake. Accidents were common... as she left a Rite-Aid on Sunset, I saw the pack (walking backward to continue shooting) knock a homeless woman to the ground. No one bothered to even check whether she was hurt... But for me, it had to end. We were not, after all, pursuing a Third World dictator responsible for the massacre of thousands of his own people. This was Britney Spears, a 26-year-old mother of two, suffering from mental illness..."

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