13 February 2008

"Gerald McBoing-Boing"

Michaelangelo Matos has done the internet-surfing time-wasting world a great favor by collecting in one blog entry links to YouTube videos of 44 Academy Award-winning short animations. (Wiki has a comprehensive list of nominees and winners from 1931 to the present).

I've selected seven animations to place here in TYWKIWDBI, starting with Gerald McBoing-Boing, embedded above, which won the Academy Award in 1950.

A brief note to several computer novices in my family. The videos are stored at YouTube and embedded here as an image. If you have a reasonably fast internet connection you can play the video by clicking on either one of the forward arrows. This will not save it to your computer; if you wish to view it again or send it to someone, you can use this blog's address, or click the "menu" button under the video to see the url for bookmarking. Some of these animations have no dialogue, but I recommend playing all of them with your computer sound on (for this one it's mandatory, since the text was written by Dr. Seuss.)

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