14 February 2008


Just finished watching on cable the Oscar-nominated Will Smith-and-son movie "The Pursuit of Happyness," which I can recommend without reservation; it's a heartwarming story of a man who works his way up from homelessness to financial success. The reason I decided it was blogworthy is that by coincidence I encountered two related items on the 'net today.

The first was this story in the Christian Science Monitor of a young man who after graduation from college decided to see if he could truly "work his way up" starting only with a gym bag and $25. He lived in a shelter, worked as a day laborer, and used common sense and thrift; ten months later he was living in an apartment, had bought a truck, and had $5,000 in savings.

In contrast to that is this older MSN article about lottery winners who blew their fortunes and returned to poverty.

p.s. - yes, I know the title of this post is misspelled; you have to see the movie to understand why.

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