22 February 2008

The wheelchair-dumping video

Those who cruise the internet have probably heard about the incident last week in Tampa, Florida in which a deputy intentionally tipped a paraplegic out of his wheelchair onto the floor, apparently not believing that a man who had driven himself to the jailhouse could be paralyzed. There are multiple videos of the event, which was captured on jailhouse security cameras, and is disconcerting for its violence; I've embedded the local television news report above. The responsible deputy has subsequently been charged with felony abuse.

1 comment:

  1. Since I live in the Tampa Bay media market, you would think I would have seen this first on local channels. Nope.
    Saw it on Fox News.
    I seem to recall however, that the perpetrator was a 20 year veteran of the department - not a rookie who just slipped through psych screening. I wonder how she has been treating other inmates temporarily under her control.
    Although the video seems to speak for itself, I have not heard any comment or defense from the deputy and I would like to hear her side of the story. But, like everybody else, I was shocked by the video.


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