02 November 2016

Your bicycle needs a "pool noodle"

As reported in The Star:
Daily commutes used to be tough for Warren Huska, who cycles 18 kilometres from his home near the Beaches to his office in North York almost every day... 

But, for the past year, drivers have given Huska a wider berth. Now, when he mounts his trusty two-wheeled steed, Huska is protected by a pool noodle. Strapped to his bike’s frame with bungee cords, the floppy foam cylinder is a reminder to drivers not to get too close...

The change he noticed was “almost magical,” Huska said. “Suddenly all the cars are changing lanes to go around me.”..

“I’m unconcerned about looking good,” Huska said. “I’m concerned about my safety most.”
Photo credit Randy Risling / Toronto Star

1 comment:

  1. In Switzerland bike riders use a stiff wire poll like this with a red flag and a diamond tipped scribe on the end. That's been common for over a decade.


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