26 December 2009

TYWKIWDBI survives computer attack

I suppose one could call it an attempt at "denial of service," but it wasn't one of those coordinated multi-user assaults. Rather this was the work of one person. Someone who knew that last year I must have expended a thousand hours working my way through hundreds of worlds in Civilization III. That person gave me Civilization IV Gold Edition with the Warlords expansion pack for Christmas.

I was fortunate yesterday in being able to get away from the computer after only about 6 hours, after battling China, Greece, Rome, and Mali for the control of Africa. I'm ahead at the Renaissance.

Posted as a reminder that there are multiple factors that can interfere with blogging. We've just gone through a major winter storm; now come the football games. It's a tough world out there.


  1. HAHAHA! Yup, I personally must simply stay away from certain games due to the likelihood of being completely consumed. I have heard many horror stories of youth being permanently swallowed up in the World of Warcraft (also known as Warcrack)

  2. The bastards! I hope you were able to wreak the appropriate revenge. Say...a Blackberry with a Twitter account.

  3. Civ 4 is so much better than Civ 3 (can't believe they shipped it with all that corruption so your cities only made 1 shield each!). I'm very happy for you.


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