02 July 2009

Subtypes of Goth

Traditional, Romantic, Cyber, Victorian, Medieval, Vampire, Geek, Gothabilly, Stempunk -- and a dozen more stereotypical variations explained at Blackwaterfall.


  1. I went from 5 to 14 when I was young. Now, if I weren't supposed to work in an official place, I would propably be a 20.
    Very nice typology!

  2. If you've ever been a goth, you're still young.

  3. I'm a cross between 3, 7, and 21. It's funny, "Gothic" is used as a blanket term understandably for a wide variety of sub genres as shown here. What ultimately began as a literary minded group of people who had an affinity for wearing black, lace, etc.. morphed into a fashion scene with many variations. Metalheads would argue they are not "goth",and Goths would argue "EMO" is misplaced, and so forth.

  4. Emo was never a part of the gothic world... And its NEVER going to happen.

  5. the one that said ,,Emo was never a part of the gothic world... And its NEVER going to happen'' was right

  6. why is emo never going to be apart of the gothic world? im not a goth so i dont really know the difference...:)

    1. Because emo and goth are two different subcultures. If you can't understand the difference, go and do more reasearch.


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