06 November 2016

Tom Rush still sings to my generation

When I was a student in Boston in the 1960s I occasionally visited a "folk music club" called Club 47. The most memorable evening was the one I spent sitting on the floor at the feet of a young woman with a guitar and a crystal-clear voice; her name was Judy Collins, and she later moved on to larger venues.

One of the regular performers at Club 47 was Tom Rush. He performed blues and folk music that spoke to the concerns of my generation. He still does, but the concerns of my generation have changed...

(Found at Bits and Pieces)

Reposted from 2009 because this week I underwent some "neurocognitive testing" which involved choosing which shape comes next in a sequence and remembering lists of 15 objects and reciting 7-digit numbers backwards.


  1. I saw this video a year or too ago and made sure my aging parents saw it. Couldn't stop laughing for a week.

  2. more sleep paralysis


    1. Bookmarked. Thanks, Bub. I should have written my book when I was in academia.


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