16 May 2022

Peephole in the woods

The University of Wisconsin Arboretum in Madison has several ponds that serve as stormwater catchment areas.  The ponds are full this time of year and home to an abundance of turtles, frogs, salamanders, etc.  This year a couple sandhill cranes decided to nest on the reed vegetation next to the viewing platform, so the canvas curtains are down -

The male is behind her, wading in the pond scavenging tasty treats.  Elsewhere in the arboretum another couple was foraging in the shrubbery section -

- and a couple tom turkeys were putting on a display for an unimpressed hen:


  1. What are the canvas curtains normally used for?

    1. The dock that extends out over the pond has a permanent aluminum frame set up, with the canvas normally rolled up like a household curtain so visitors can view the wetland. It's rolled down as needed to create a "blind" for birdwatchers.

    2. Ah, thanks, that's convenient when the need arises.


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