08 May 2022


A flash game in which you convert a pattern such as the top one into the bottom one, by clicking on the hexagons to rotate them.  Each pattern appears to have a unique solution.  I found it to be interesting, but frankly not very challenging.

The images above are only embeds; the game is at this link.  Via Neatorama.

Reposted from 2011.


  1. My thought too.

    You want challenging?

    Try QWOP: http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html


  2. I have been trying out a similar game called Entanglement at:
    It seems to be somewhat challenging...for me at least.

  3. Thanks, bigjohn - that's actually a better game.

  4. I have an iPhone (iPod touch) app called Cablink that is very similar. You can adjust the parameters for the size of the grid, hexagonal/orthogonal, unconnected pieces visible/invisible, whether edges wrap, and how "wiggly" the solution is. Also the solutions on that app must form one continuous network, so that makes it a bit harder.

  5. How did the top left hexagon, for example, go from being a blue curve to a red circle? The tiles don't seem to be moveable.

    1. That was a result of blogmaster's inattention. I did the puzzle several times and embedded a "before" and "after" result, but not from the same puzzle. So today I did another one, and the before and after now match up.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the glitch.


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