20 May 2022

The "love theme" from "Blade Runner" (Vangelis)

Posted for the music by Vangelis.  I had assumed the saxophone melody was synthesized, but apparently it was performed by Dick Morrissey.  Beautiful, haunting music.

Reposted from 2012 to append this trailer for the upcoming sequel:

An article at The Hollywood Reporter discusses the obvious questions of whether Ryan Gosling's character is Deckard's son, whether he is a replicant, and whether replicants can have children (answers not given).

Reposted from 2017 to make note of the death of Vangelis.  Here are some excerpts from his biography posted in The Guardian today:
Born Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou in 1943, Vangelis won an Oscar for his 1981 Chariots of Fire soundtrack. Its uplifting piano motif became world-renowned, and reached No 1 in the US charts, as did the accompanying soundtrack album.

Mostly self-taught in music, Vangelis grew up in Athens and formed his first band in 1963... his LPs Heaven and Hell (1975) and Albedo 0.39 (1976) each reached the UK Top 40, and the former was used to soundtrack Carl Sagan’s popular TV series Cosmos... His score to Blade Runner is equally celebrated for its evocation of a sinister future version of Los Angeles...

Later in the decade he scored the Palme d’Or-winning Costa-Gavras political drama Missing, starring Jack Lemmon; the Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins drama The Bounty, and the Mickey Rourke-starring Francesco. He worked again with the Blade Runner director, Ridley Scott, on 1992 film 1492: Conquest of Paradise, and elsewhere during the 90s, soundtracked Roman Polanski’s Bitter Moon and documentaries by Jacques Cousteau.


  1. Wow, weird edit. It's missing her piano playing and some dialogue.

    Sean Young was so-o beautiful in this film. Her character had to carry the yearnings of the whole replicant 'race', no mean feat.

  2. Blade Runner is a wonderful film.

  3. This is one of my favorite movies of any genre. I especially like Vangelis' music throughout the film... I agree with the writer who commented on Sean Young - she was a beautiful and talented actress; too bad she faded away and ended up doing "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective."

  4. I really liked the music from The Year of Living Dangerously. I even bought the sound track on CD, only to find that the main theme, the one I was looking for, wasn't on it. I've never heard it again, but I can still recall it all these years later. I suppose the movie might even be on YouTube by now, I should probably search for it to honor the composer.

    1. A variety of streaming venues are listed at JustWatch -


      - but none of them free, unlike your local library, which will have the DVD and probably no waiting list.


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