08 May 2017

The "love theme" from "Blade Runner" (Vangelis)

Posted for the music by Vangelis.  I had assumed the saxophone melody was synthesized, but apparently it was performed by Dick Morrissey.  Beautiful, haunting music.

Reposted from 2012 to append this trailer for the upcoming sequel:

An article at The Hollywood Reporter discusses the obvious questions of whether Ryan Gosling's character is Deckard's son, whether he is a replicant, and whether replicants can have children (answers not given).


  1. Wow, weird edit. It's missing her piano playing and some dialogue.

    Sean Young was so-o beautiful in this film. Her character had to carry the yearnings of the whole replicant 'race', no mean feat.

  2. Blade Runner is a wonderful film.

  3. This is one of my favorite movies of any genre. I especially like Vangelis' music throughout the film... I agree with the writer who commented on Sean Young - she was a beautiful and talented actress; too bad she faded away and ended up doing "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective."


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