06 May 2022

"It 'may be true' that COVID vaccines cause AIDS"

In a video interview published on the right-wing social media platform Rumble, Sen. Ron Johnson said it “may be true” that vaccines against COVID-19 cause AIDS. 

Johnson was being interviewed by anti-vaccine lawyer Todd Callender, who alleged that the shots induce AIDS and that the FDA knew so when the vaccines were approved for emergency use. 

“The way to approach this is from a criminal point of view because that’s what has happened. And until we start holding people accountable, [Dr. Anthony] Fauci number one, you’re going to see people still falling out, still getting sick,” Calendar said. “You’ve got more than a hundred doctors here, all of whom will tell you that these shots caused vaccine-induced AIDS. they purposefully gave people AIDS. They knew this.”

Johnson responded that it’s possible the allegations are true, but that anti-vaccine activists need to wait for public opinion to be on their side before criminally charging health officials. 

“Let me challenge you there, that’s way down the road,” Johnson said. “You’ve gotta do one step at a time. Everything you say may be true, but right now the public views the vaccines as largely safe and effective, that vaccine injuries are rare and mild. That’s the narrative, that’s what the vast majority of the public accepts. So until we get a larger percentage of the population with their eyes open to ‘woah, these vaccine injuries are real, why?’ You’ve got to do it step by step, you can’t leap to crimes against humanity, you can’t leap to another Nuremberg trial.” 
It's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but the words I do have at the moment are ones I shouldn't commit to print.  I'll just leave this here to illustrate the (gotta stop typing)...


  1. "...you can’t leap to another Nuremberg trial.” What a fair and charitable man!

  2. I've got a lot of words but they won't change this tragedy.
    I would like to know what these fools are trying to accomplish.
    Usually follow the money works but doesn't seem to here.
    All I can think of is they kill enough to cause the collapse of civilized society.

  3. It all feels very Taliban, doesn't it?

  4. If he felt that was true, he should be willing to sound the alarm for the sake of public safety. His response reveals that he doesn't really care what is true, he's just concerned with how to manipulate public opinion. He doesn't benefit directly from the lie, but the fear and uncertainty it causes definitely help him gain more authoritative power than a democracy would normally allow.

  5. It 'may also be true' that a heretofore undiscovered species of giant flying turtle may swoop down out of the skies on leathery wings to devour me alive. But frankly, I'll take my chances, seeing as that there's precisely no evidence of this. Or of this idiot's claim.

    1. I saw just such a turtle devouring children the other day! It's called Dermochelys screenus timeus aplentious. I even see kids devoured while eating in restaurants, parents gazing at them with blank faces.


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