29 January 2011

Absurdly filthy rich

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  1. Heck! They could cut their pay in half. That would still leave them filthy rich, and help the economy big time.

    The problem as I have heard it is that some of the wealthiest people in the world (many of those in the top 0.5% of wealth in the US) have turned from being citizens of just one country, and have become truly global citizens. This then means that they have no true stake in what happens to the United States, and so attempt to influence the political discussion to make things easier on them, even at the expense of the United States. In fact, they may even have an interest in seeing the US do poorly, especially if it meant that they can become wealthier, and gain power.

  2. More class warfare drivel.

  3. I bet Anonymous there is just a middle class schmuck like the rest of us, but who votes Republican against his own economic interests because their social positions appeal to him so strongly.


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