11 May 2022


The trailer above is for a wonderful documentary movie with a focus not on the plants or techniques per se, but instead on the principles of gardening.  The subject matter is the famous Les Quatre Vents, a private garden (occasionally open to the public) in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, and on its creator/gardener, Francis Cabot.  

This is the first time I've heard the the word "numinous" used in a movie.  
1) Of or relating to a numen (divinity); indicating the presence of a divinity. [from mid 17th c.] "His interest in numinous objects led him on a quest for the Holy Grail."

2) Evoking a sense of the mystical, sublime, or transcendent; awe-inspiring.

The movie is streaming on Amazon, and will be available as a DVD from your local library. 

More information at the Garden Conservancy.


  1. Unfortunately this isn't available outside North America. A shame because I'd have liked to watch it.

  2. What a wonderful garden! I'll try to find the video.
    In the first book I read by Alexander McCall Smith, used the word
    "numinal" on the first page (as I remember).
    It was either the first "Philosopher's Club" or the first "Number 1 Detective," I can't remember that either.
    I do remember I could not find a definition for it and found the temerity to email the author. He replied quickly and we had a nice exchange over a week or two. A gracious, humorous man.
    If I remember (again), he said to think of numinal as the opposite of phenomenal or experiential.
    Thanks for this blog.


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