11 November 2021

Weighted workout clothing

Those little bumps on her top are weights, as explained in a Bloomberg story:
Former Nike Inc. executives are starting an athleticwear company that makes workout clothes heavier, instead of lightweight.

The company, called Omorpho, is making gym clothes with micro-weights built into the garments to provide more resistance while working out... 

“We think this is an entirely new category,” Olander said in an interview. “All the apparel that’s being built for sport is built for competition, but most people spend 1% of their time competing and 99% of their time preparing or training.”

Omorpho’s collection of shirts and leggings, called Gravity Sportswear, swerves away from a trend toward lighter garments used by companies like Nike, Adidas AG and Lululemon Athletica Inc. The concept is to load the clothes with resistance without affecting natural movements like a clunky vest or belt would.
I'm going to start looking for a heavier mouse.


  1. While the Mouse industry is aiming for lightweight, making mice with the shell full of holes (Steelseries Aerox 3), I miss my mice with the extra weights (Logitech G500). Though the Logitech G502 is still pleasantly hefty.

  2. Nike et al, set a style trend, the market gets saturated, Nike sets a new trend, sales pick up... rinse & repeat.


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