04 November 2021

Apparently some people drink beer at soccer games


  1. Most NFL and MLB stadiums have a 2 beer per purchase limit. I am not sure if it is a league rule, but every stadium I have been to in the past 5 years (3 NFL, 4 MLB) has that limit. Not that I would know from first hand experience; a friend told me.

  2. probably a soccer match, but i cannot place where?

    each tray holds eight half-glasses (40 on L, 64 on R). at stadium prices, who-wee!


  3. Guy on the right:

    "A Dutch football fan has been hailed a hero after he was pictured carrying 48 beers back to his seat in one go – without spilling a drop.

    The FC Twente supporter came up with a novel way of skipping the notoriously long queues at matches, although his liver is unlikely to thank him for it.

    Christiaan Roetgering, 23, stacked five crates full of beer on top of one another as he made the precarious trip from the bar back to the stands on Sunday."

    Story here: https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/20/hero-football-fan-carries-48-beers-in-one-trip-and-doesnt-spill-a-drop-15454278/

    Guy on the left:

    "Football Fan Carries 64 Beers To Stands During Match"


  4. i think the '40' guy is actually carrying 35? his front row has three cups; the back row may have 4, or only 3?


  5. That's a lot of urine samples. Odd they're not tagged. Lab roulette?


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