09 November 2021

If your bathroom looks like this...

... those tiles could be worth a lot of money.   

The kitsch is the point. In this boisterous corner of the world of home renovation lives a group of homeowners committed to preserving or recreating vintage bathrooms and kitchens. Midcentury models dominate, with their telltale pink, blue, yellow and green hues. But there are the bathrooms from the 1920s and 1930s, too, with their spectacular combinations of colors like cobalt blue, burgundy and turquoise, colors that are often accented with ornate decorative details...

The final product isn’t for everyone, Ms. Evans said, but that’s the point. “It’s the desire to not have what everybody else has,” she said.


  1. i like the jade green. the pepto pink really clashes with that. white or another shade of green would be great.


  2. I love it, but just like cars bright color combinations have gone the way of the dodo.

  3. If it were not for the sink, I would have assumed this was straight out of the '90s.


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