08 October 2021

The "most neighborly" city in the United States is...

Looking at data around charitable giving, volunteering, and community well-being, we named the 25 cities in the U.S. where you could find the friendliest people to live next door... we also scoured the internet for new factors to consider, including which cities are the happiest. We also surveyed people across the nation and learned what it means to be a good neighbor:
79% of people said they’ve done at least one favor for their neighbor in the past year.
62% of people say they hang out with their neighbors at least a few times a year.
66% of people say they have at least two neighbors they can depend on to do favors like watering their plants or picking up their mail.
And amid the coronavirus pandemic, 42% of people said they’re now more likely to start relationships with their neighbors, so they can take care of one another.
Using the above data, we came up with a new list of 25 cities where we think you can find the most neighborly people around.
#4 on the list is Minneapolis, where I grew up.

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