01 October 2021

Interesting idea

"Solar-powered lasers are installed in the Saudi desert to help guide the lost to water sources."  But no useful information at the via.  My first question would be whether it has any adverse effect on migrating birds.


  1. I assume that these operate at night? How much bird migration occurs after dark?

    I would think green would be a better choice of color based on the eye's sensitivity?

    1. A LOT of bird migration happens at night -


    2. Found this this morning in the Washington Post:
      "The verdict from Birdcast.info concludes that up to 430 million birds were flying over the continental U.S. around midnight Thursday. The group uses the nation’s network of weather surveillance radars to make estimates using a methodology refined over the years. Most migratory birds take to the skies around sunset each evening, returning to the ground as the sun rises."

      So apparently MOST bird migration happens at night, not just "a lot" as I suggested earlier.


  2. Interesting. Perhaps the predator load is lower?

    Apparently they use different types of lasers in different locations because some *are* green. https://www.facebook.com/SaudiArabia01/posts/4451594558253115


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