04 October 2021

"I wouldn't want to offend my Board of Directors"

“The board decides what I make,” Dimon told Axios co-founder James VandeHei, echoing a response he gave Congress in May, before the panel awarded him a surprise five-year retention bonus. When VandeHei countered by suggesting they could ask their boards to cut their pay, Dimon says his would take offense. The CEO’s compensation is part of a broader “umbrella” designed to retain senior management, he said.

The board awarded Dimon $31.5 million in compensation for 2020. 


  1. One day soon .... pitchforks honed.

  2. He is probably the only CEO to deserve that amount, I think. He has kept JPMorgan Chase very strong for years. Further, having worked for JPMorgan Chase for a number of years, I have sent certain ideas to Dimon (since they were bigger than any one department), and he would respond virtually every time, often instructing a fellow recipient of the email to research the matter for use.

    I can hardly get that good of a response from CEO or leaders within other organizations.

    Just my opinion.

  3. This is the guy who kept raising the salaries of hourly workers at Chase during the pandemic. What a jerk!


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