04 October 2021

Petroglyph of whale hunting

I found this photo in an interesting article about the petroglyphs of northern Siberia.
The spectacular art gallery - scientists found 350 stone planes, each with dozens of drawings - was ‘opened’ at least two thousand years ago, when ancient artists embossed petroglyphs on rocks of what is now  Chukotka, Russia’s easternmost corner. 

The Pegtymel petroglyphs were found by Soviet geologists in 1967, high above the right bank of the Pegtymel River, a short distance from the East Siberian Sea...

The most striking part of the gallery are petroglyphs of ‘mushroom people’ - women and men with large mushroom on their heads, or with one or several mushrooms replacing heads. In some cases their legs are shaped as mushroom stems, too. 

Russian experts have christened them the 'fly agaric people’ after the hallucinogenic mushrooms it is believed they consumed.

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