07 September 2020

Proper dress for a "Zoom wedding"

Pajama bottoms are better than "nothing" in case the minister asks the congregation to "please rise."  Via.


  1. I was recently in a zoom meeting and someone joked about not wearing pants. So I challenged everybody to get up to show they were wearing one. Nobody got up.

  2. I suspect this was not intentional, but the two people look and pose enough like Billy graham Jr that when I saw this photo and combined with the hint of religion (marriage ceremony), my brain just assumed this was some pre-Halloween costume. I had been thinking of this for myself this year as it seems like an easy one to pull off. But sadly no parties to go to :-(
    In all likelihood this lack of parties this fall will save BG jr from the ridicule over inflated religious people deserve.

    1. Billy Graham Jr. died in 2018. Maybe you are thinking about Jerry Falwell Jr. who has been in the news lately

  3. This year I've been to a Zoom: wedding, baptism, baby shower, naming ceremony, kindergarten graduation, poker night, and funeral. It's imperfect but it keeps us together and reminds us of our shared humanity. In a way, we're fortunate this happened in a decade where technology can fill the gaps. Can you imagine what quarentine would've been like if this had happened in the 70s or 80s?

  4. those don't look that bad? i might iron them for the wedding



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