09 September 2020

Divertimento #183 (gifs again)

(I'm still on a semi-blogcation, but I'll post some of the gifs that have accumulated, 
just to clear out bookmarks while I continue to focus on some non-blog home projects)

Comparison of presidents' rounds of golf
This is how heavily armed Mexican cartels are
Holding a BLM sign in Arkansas
Replay this over and over (unmuted, sound up)
Colin Kaepernick jersey used to demonstrate attack dog

Nature and science
Surface tension
Bird nest in a stitched leaf
How to feed a stingray
A nest of scorpions
Lungs inflating (ex vivo)
How ribbon worms capture prey
Praying mantis vs. bee
Releasing dew from a mist tent
Cuttlefish catches prey
Sea angel (info)

More animals
Siberian husky sheds for the summer
Alpha male gorilla blocks the road
Snowy owl is fluffy
Squirrel asking for water
Crocodile runs faster on mud than you can
Rescued bald eagle released

Impressive or clever
Hiding wood screws
Laser removes surface rust
Painting with a marionette
Interesting door
Recycling aluminum cans
Hyper-realistic cakes [related article about fondant hate]
Immense aquarium tank
Sorting pomegranates by size
Precision haircuts
Artist at work

Sports and athleticism
Great football run, or bad tackling? (Derrick Henry)

Fails and wtf (trigger warning for various consequences)
Woman's response to being asked to put on a mask
Trying to fill gas tank
Collapse of a jade mine
Attempt to stowaway inside a jet engine
People taking fuel from an overturned tanker truck
Intentional asphyxiation during the "suffocating game"
Woman gets flashback while vandalizing car
Deceptive food label
Faulty zip line breaks

Humorous or cheerful
Taking homeless dogs for a ride
Crow playing on children's teeter-totter
Dog helps during basketball practice
Man rescues tortoise from intersection
Dog with tetanus nursed back to health

The embedded images are digital microscope views of insects from the Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of LA exhibit, via The Guardian.


  1. "Navy SEALs use Colin Kaepernick jersey to demonstrate attack dog"

    Those folks in the video are NOT Navy Seals. They are some idiots playing at people law enforcement. This was at the Navy Seals Museum, which is actually a private museum. The SEALS were not happy about this video.

  2. The crow and the see-saw. Is that a crow? I haven't seen any that aren't all-black.

    1. Here, let me search that for you:


  3. The "People taking fuel from an overturned tanker truck" flick was the most disturbing thing I've seen in a while. I was a volunteer firefighter, and this brings back memories. The screams were always more haunting than the injuries for me.

    I will say the video of the vandal was rather satisfying, though. These two videos showed two kinds of ignorance.

    1. I understand you first paragraph quite well. My mom spent the final years of her nursing career in the burn unit of our county general hospital; her classic white shoes were always blackened from silver nitrate.


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