14 September 2020

"American Pathogen"

"American Pathogen is a 30-minute documentary film, narrated by Jeffrey Wright, that tells the full story of the administration’s historic mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak in the US – from the dismantling of our preparedness system starting in 2016 to the “missing months” of inaction in early 2020. 

 This election, we need to remember: it didn’t have to be this way."


  1. To quote C.S. Lewis, we are never told 'what would have happened'. All we can hope to do is learn from our mistakes, and never, ever let them happen again.

  2. "...from the dismantling of our preparedness system starting in 2016"

    If am not mistaken, our current president did not take office until January, 2017.

  3. I do find it astonishing that DJT has ANY possibility of being re-elected. Let's not forget that his first act at dealing with Covid was to send for the Labradoodle Breeder. What a numpty.

    1. No, it was not Mr. Trump's first act in dealing with COVID19, he did not "send for" Mr. Harrison, and in fact was not directly involved in the appointment of Harrison as director of the COVID response team. It is a bit distressing that a well respected organization such as Reuters would feel the need to resort to such headlines.

      Mr. Harrison also helped to run a family business involved in building homes, but no one called him a carpenter.

      Mr. Trump has demonstrated his amazing level of incompetence quite well on his own. Misstating the facts as you you did simply provides ammunition for his supporters who assume every criticism is fake news.

  4. Mr. Gospodin Kolo Jezdec.He gives us his point of view. Complete with correction of facts. I used to play chess with guys like that.

    They miss the point. My point is this bad thing has to go. I don't care about what he did or who he called. He's gonna lie anyway. He is killing my people and our country. I would like to see him dead. There, i said it. Arrest me.

  5. Thank you, Mr Jezdec. I have said this so many times to my fellow anti-Trumpers that I have been unfriended, kicked out of groups and laughed out of comments because "what does it matter? he could have done that!" Sigh, as you point out, rigorous honesty is our best defense.


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