07 September 2020

Covidiot mesh mask

The discussion thread at Trashy has comments from people who have already encountered these in real life.  These do not follow the mask mandate rules in some states.   Business owners and employees can (and do) refuse to serve patrons wearing these travesties, as for example...
"I do security for a bar and we've already had several people trying to come in with those thinking they're being clever. If they keep arguing with me I just tell them unfortunately you are wearing what appears to be cut up stockings on your face which leads me to believe that you are under the influence of some sort of substance and I cannot safely let you in"


  1. I've seen several people wearing "mouth shields" in public, which serves no purpose other than to keep their philtrum warm from redirected breath. Can't add a photo to the comment, but it's the first search result for me - used in the food service industry...

  2. While covidiot is an apt label for these uncourteous cretins, I've recently switched to calling them "maskholes".

  3. I will not comply! The government can't tell me what to do! Except that the government says that I can have all the guns I want, so... wait, am I pro-government or anti-government? I can't be expected to remember these things! MURICA!!

    /sarcasm, in case it wasn't obvious.


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