03 February 2020

Palm fronds and a feather

I understand the original act like this was performed at Cirque du Soleil.  It's not magic, just acrobatics.  Those in a hurry can skip the introductory hype by starting at the one-minute mark.  The performance will end - dramatically - six minutes later.

She is mic'd up for sound, so her breathing is sometimes a bit intrusive, but that's part of the act.  As is, I presume, her occasional hand tremor.  But overall it is quite impressive.


  1. Gives new meaning to "when a butterfly moves it wings..."

  2. Did this stress anyone else out? I mean, I knew it would work or there wouldn't be a video but it still had my stomach knotted.

  3. What was the purpose of having her mic'd up?

    1. Presumably for dramatic effect. And tx for the subtle correction re spelling.


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