13 May 2019

Trailer for "The Bookshop"

This 2017 film received little U.S. attention, but was nominated for and won multiple awards from European film societies.   This is not a "Hollywood" movie - it has no explosions, no nudity or eroticism, no special effects, and - notably - no "storybook ending" (which might have contributed to a mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score).

What it does have is fine performances by Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy, and a compelling narrative storyline.  Well worth a watch, IMHO, especially if you love books. 


  1. Looks fascinating ~ I've already ordered it!

  2. The "inspired & fun people staying strong against grumpy & conservative people" setup does give me a slight Hollywood vibe though. But I liked the similarly themed The Boat that Rocked a lot, so I might give this one a go as well. Thanks!

  3. You should mention that it's based on a novel by Penelope Fitzgerald, a terrific author. Haven't seen this, but I'm now curious because I liked the book (even though it's not one of Fitzgerald's best).


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