20 May 2019

No wasted space

"It’s a rolling tower of shelves made by Japanese home goods company Yamazaki and it renders functional that half-foot wide space between the fridge and counter, between the washer and dryer, between the sink and tub. It’s made from sturdy steel and wood and comes with three shelves with guardrails to keep stuff from tumbling off..."


  1. I'm not sure though that storing wine next to what I believe is a stove/oven is a good idea.

  2. our (German) kitchen has that as well, built in where we had a little extra space right next to the oven. Similar deal for the MIL's kitchen in Spain, between the sink 'space' and the oven.
    If it's a super novelty for an American, I can take a photo and share :).

    1. Probably not a "super novelty" but I would bet such items are less common in U.S. where large kitchens are traditional and desirable, and more common in Japan, where this one was made.

      If you'd like to add a link to a photo of yours, that might be useful for other readers who are considering buying or making one for themselves.

  3. whoops, where did I get 'oven' from? it's right next to the drawers beneath the induction hotplates. https://imgur.com/goF4UVs


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