06 December 2017

Heirloom apples

Mountain Rose apples are a red-fleshed apple variety and a member of the Rosacea family, species Malus domestica. This apple gets its name from the fact that it is grown near Mount Hood in Oregon, and because it has brilliant rosy red flesh... The Mountain Rose apple is yellow to green, covered extensively with a red to pink blush, and speckled with faint white lenticels. The skin is quite delicate and can bruise easily. Their real claim to fame is the bright pink to red flesh that remains vivid even when cooked. The flesh is crisp and has a balanced acidic yet mildly sweet flavor with nuances of strawberry, citrus, and cotton candy. 
Here's what the applesauce look like.

Photo via the Pics subreddit.


  1. This is so interesting! I grew up in Hawaii where "mountain apples" are more like pears. This is what they look like where I am from:

    Of course now upon doing some further research I realize these are not related to apples at all, but are part of Guava family... I wonder if "mountain apple" is just short hand for "local apples of unknown origin."

    1. I think the "mountain" designation in this case is simply a marketing ploy to make the variety sound more exotic.

  2. There has been a cider: https://cidernation.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/mountain-rose.jpg

    I'd love a couple of these on the property. The trees, too.

  3. i grafted some old apple variety from up north onto an apple tree down 'south' here. i get apples here on the 4th of july. the variety is sort of like a 'winter banana' and does not keep, but is delicious for immediate eating.



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