01 December 2017

Divertimento #140

Another "gifdump."  Everyone will find something they like.

And then she eats the truck...

How to bag a 9-foot anaconda.

Awesome magic by Teller.

Volleyball flying save.

Volleyball kill good for three points.

Removing old rope from a sea turtle.

Life stages of the Hercules beetle.

How to replace a manhole cover.

Bus driver mugging for a selfie.

Marriage proposal.

Black-light flashlight helps you find scorpions.

Goalkeeper celebrates too soon.

How to peel a tangerine.

On-demand water for a dog.

Supporting a screwdriver on a column of air.

The sign says "Touch at your own risk."

Stepping on an invisible box.

Poledancer routine.

"the magnetic tipped top attaches to the perimeter of the paperclip- but since the top has much more mass, the paperclip is put into curious motion due to Newton's 3rd law and the top's rotational inertia."

Halloween "stick figure" costume.

Halloween candy thief.

A Lamborghini is not very high.

Dog tries to stop children from fighting.

Dogs play with a balloon.

They are called Malayan Leaf Frogs for a reason.

Girl plays "Crocodile Dentist."  Doesn't enjoy it...

Earthquake filmed from a boat.

Opening a beer using her new bionic arm.

Koi want to be fed.

Snake traverses a wire with surprising ease.

How to scare your friends.

Baby's first glasses.

The images (cropped for size) embedded in today's gifdump are from a gallery of "Humble Heather" posted at BibliOdyssey.


  1. If you like manhole covers, please visit Skeetmotis http://skeetmotis.blogspot.com/search/label/tsbof

    1. That got more and more interesting the further back I went. Nicely done blog on an unusual theme. (and a potential source for pix for me...)

    2. Some pix from your blog used for the divertimento Feb 23, 2018.



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