29 December 2017

New Year's greetings 2018 from TYWKIWDBI and its readers

"Wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness in 2018. Always find the diamond in the mud." 
 - The Slide Guy

"Happy xMas and Felicitous New Year! Remember in this new year that, 
'when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!'"  - Dutch Galaxy

"Wishing everyone well- no matter where, or how or who you are..." - Stan B.

New Years greetings to TYWKIWDBI followers from Soapy and the rest of us @herbariasoap
 - Ken

 "Above all, Enjoy life, not just the holidays. It's all we have for now and later." - MuddyValley

"New year's greetings from Flippism is the Key!" - Professor Batty

To a MUCHMUCH Better 2018 for all of us! You (and The Minnesotastan)are my people! - Pamela

Spread your wings and fly high this New Year! - Emily

Bought it in '89. Served me well while I was teaching in northern BC...
And now this year I will be retiring... Happy New Year! - Mr. Hogan

Wishing everyone good health and the ability to make the world a better place,
through whatever talents you may have. - Ninabi

"On behalf of RobsWebstek I wish all the readers of TYWKIWDBI a peaceful and healthy 2018!" 
- Rob From Amersfoort

May 2018 be all that you wish for, and a better year for us all.- Miss Cellania

Happy New Year! Count me in for making the world a better place.
I'll do my best on my end.  How about you? - Revashane

May you see what you look at, and, look at what you see! - Skeetmotis

Happy New Year! Now go out and look at some art. - Brett Waller

Happy new year from California, where the weather keeps the roses blooming even in winter.
- PlumTreeCastle

Hello and Happy New Year from a cold Ohio guy desperately seeking Florida.- wjs

Have a sweet New Year! - Heather Hutchinson/ahnkadragon

From me and my extended family to the readers of TYWKIWDBI - best wishes for 2018!
- Minnesotastan


  1. the fruitcake photo reminds me of stained glass. i am sure that after a couple of years, that slice will be as hard as glass!


  2. My best wishes for the New Year to all the TYWKIWDBI family!


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