07 December 2017

Photoediting before Photoshop

Intricate squiggles and numbers are scrawled all over the prints, showing Inirio’s complex formulas for printing them. A few seconds of dodging here, some burning-in there. Will six seconds be enough to bring out some definition in the building behind Dean? Perhaps, depending on the temperature of the chemicals.
As a youngster I developed some of my own film and studied (but never implemented) advanced darkroom techniques.  I began to wonder if I would ever see the phrase "dodge and burn" used again.

More information at The Literate Lens.  Image cropped for size from the one at Gizmodo, via Neatorama.


  1. in film days, the photographer composed the picture, but the darkroom technician is the one who made the image stand out. some photographers had their favorite tech with whom they only would work. some techs became as well known as the photographer.


  2. The tools for lightening and darkening in Photoshop (and most other photo editing software) are still named 'dodge' and 'burn'. It seemed very odd to me when I was learning to use Photoshop, and made a lot more sense when I later learned to use a darkroom. Physically manipulating photos was a lot of fun, I'm so glad I got to learn.

  3. Photoediting is light years more convenient now with several available software applications, but you still have to apply the same corrective manipulations (albeit in a different manner) to achieve the same result. And, on average, B&W requires considerably more manipulation to make it shine, since you are literally dealing with less...


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