22 September 2015

"Lolita fashion" explained

 It can be "sweet," "classic," "old school," or Goth - and it's not about underage sex.

The video presents a very positive affirmation of the subculture, and there is additional information at the Wikipedia entry.

Via Madame Jujujive's always-interesting Everlasting Blort.


  1. Actually, Lolita fashion has been around so long now, it's already pretty much passe -- you don't even see it much in Japan (where it began) anymore. My daughter was angling to buy a Goth Lolita outfit like three years ago!

  2. It's also fading out of the goth scene. Might be gaining momentum outside of the scene though (apparently).


  3. An interesting aside is the opinion expressed at 7:13 about cultural differences between Belgium and the Netherlands.


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