02 September 2015

CCC stonework in Alaska

It's been over a year since I've added any posts to the Civilian Conservation Corps category of this blog, in part because family circumstances have prevented me from doing the requisite exploration and photography.

Today I'm pleased to offer some photos submitted by reader AnneF, who on a trip to the Tongass National Forest in Juneau, Alaska, noted that the Skater's Cabin there was constructed by the CCC.
Skater’s Cabin Picnic Shelter is located on the shore of the southwest corner of Mendenhall Lake, near the Mendenhall Glacier. It is accessible from the Mendenhall Loop Road, approximately 6 miles from the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal, or approximately 13 miles from downtown Juneau. The cabin was constructed in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is made with natural stone.
The amount of mortar between the stones would suggest that the young men doing the work were relatively inexperienced, or perhaps that the available local stone was granitic and not amenable to shaping to fit.  But the end result fits pleasingly into the natural landscape and has provided a welcome amenity to visitors for several generations already.

Thanks Anne!

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