25 February 2014

The impressive nest of a snowy owl

Birdwatchers in the Northeastern and Midwestern states have reported a huge increase in sightings of snowy owls:

What I found most interesting was the top photo of a snowy owl nest (credit J.F. Therrian).  In the center is a clutch of unhatched eggs, and surrounding them are dozens of dead lemmings

More details at Goldenrod Blog and the Washington Post.


  1. That is an impressive nest! They all could make full-length fur coats and walk out in style!

  2. Ya know, once one lemming decides to walk into a snowy owl nest... [cue Disney nature film crew]

  3. "Officer, those lemmings committed suicide. I assure you."

  4. Mrs. Owl: "Our kids are eating us out of house and home!"

  5. Snowy Owls are metal.


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