26 February 2014

Ridiculously short pit stop

You know it's going to be fast, of course, because it's a Ferrari at an event.  But the car comes to a stop at 0:35 and is moving again at 0:38.  The title of the video takes three times as long as the pit stop.


  1. As Guido in Cars said....Pit Stop.

  2. I learned something. Apparently F1 drivers no longer fuel up at pit stops. They must complete the race with an initial mass of fuel set forth in the rules.

    1. Haha, that's not true, it would be impossible to finish any race on the F1 calendar without refuelling. In fact, cars start all races with completely different amounts of fuel to each other, depending on how much they used in qualifying. The rule are referring to stipulates that each car must start the race with the same amount of fuel they had at the end of qualification for that race. For that reason you see a lot more racers abandon qualifying earlier, and it's changed racing in other ways. You also see a lot more pit stops with no refuelling at all because of new tyre rules, which are long and complicated, but often end up necessitating extra stops which you wouldn't have seen five or ten years ago.

    2. Well bugger me, that's wrong now! Colour me amazed, i can't believe they removed refuelling again. Seems i'm well behind the times >.<


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