27 June 2010

This little pig went to market...

From a collection of similar (unattributed) photos, via.


  1. Forty-two years ago I was on a bus coming into Pusan Korea from the west and we passed a motorcycle with a large, live pig on the back. The pig had a Zen-like smile on its face as it headed to likely slaughter. I was informed that the pigs were fed the makkolli (mildly alcoholic Korean drink made from rice)lees to get them drun enough that they would placidly allow themselves to be trussed and transported. The pig made a bitter-sweet picture, but, unfortunately I did notg have my camera at the ready.

  2. My great-aunt, who died at the fabulously old age of 103 earlier this year, was legendary in our family for having cycled 60 miles to market with a live pig on her bicycle in Japanese-occupied Malaysia in WWII. Thank you - this picture made me think of her and made me smile.


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