29 June 2010

Man ties knots in a woman's severed arteries

A man with no medical training managed to save a young woman’s life when both her legs were severed by a train and he managed to tie the protruding arteries of her legs into knots.

The woman was reportedly hoping to spend Sunday night under the stars with her boyfriend as they jumped onto a slow-moving freight train near Jonquière, northeast of Quebec City.  According to authorities, the 20-year-old woman lost her footing and fell under the wheels.

Local jeweller Roger Saulnier was walking his dog when he heard someone shouting for help.  He rushed to her side and saw two stumps gushing blood.

“I tried to plug the arteries, but they wouldn’t plug,” he said. “So I made knots in the arteries.”

... Saulnier said he has never received any medical training but his profession gave him something else he could rely on.

“My talent as a jeweller is I have agile fingers,” he said. “It’s fortunate I’m good with my hands. That’s how I was able to save her life.”
I will guarantee you that was not a simple thing that he did.  The full story is at The Star (Toronto).

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  1. Not simple at all, considering that arteries shrink into the tissue when they've had extreme injury such as this. Not only that, but even puncturing one artery in the leg could be fatal within a VERY short time - to have BOTH wide open, well, this young lady is extremely lucky to have had such a good Samaritan willing and able to help her. WOW.


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