24 June 2010

Fascinating face

Especially that "headgear," which apparently represents intricate beadwork.  There's no info at the source re the lady or the era, and a TinEye reverse image search yields only two unhelpful reposts.
?1920s.  I don't know.

Found at Dancing Corpse.


  1. don't know who the actress (or model or dancer) this was, but that head dress is beaded, not rhinestones

  2. Looks like Theda Bara to me. No?

  3. Not her, I think, but your comment led me on a search, and I think maybe the structure on her head might be called a "bandeau" with a "beaded drape" or something like that

  4. I'm terrible at recognizing people, and it doesn't really seem like her style, but my first thought is Annette Hanshaw.


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