22 June 2010

Jon Stewart crucifies Obama's human rights record

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Using video of Obama's pre-election victory promises related to everything from habeas corpus, to protection for whistleblowers, to Miranda rights and more, and cutting them with recent news reports revealing the fact that he's not lived up to a single one of them...
When GWB was president, I repeatedly posted Jon Stewart segments ruthlessly criticizing that administration's policies. Since I try to blog "from the center," it's only fair now that I post Stewart's critique of the Obama presidency.

This is why I respect Jon Stewart - because he is willing to speak truth to power - on both sides of the aisle.

Via Gawker.TV.


  1. You do a fantastic job blogging, but I have to chuckle at your observation that you blog from the center.

    I'm sure that there are those in the blogosphere who think you are a right wing wacko for posting that Stewart piece criticizing President Obama.
    Kudos to you and Jon Stewart for staying off the Kool-Aid.

    I would say that this blog is somewhat left of center, but that's OK.
    Keep up the good work though.

  2. gbradley, I can offer you this old post which charts my political leanings -


    I'm about as centrist as you can get, according to those tools.

  3. you know you are in the center if those on both sides think you are on the other side.

    One of the reasons I enjoy your site (speaking as one more the the right of your red dot)

  4. It must be my perception.
    I took the test and scored even further to the left than you did.
    Economic Left/Right: -3.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.36
    Who knew?

  5. Mike - per gbradley's experience, you might find it interesting to try testing yourself with one of those tools to see if you do actually come out where you think you should be.

    One thing that complicates such analyses is that it's possible to have mixed biases. I think I'm a social liberal but an economic conservative (since I blog more re the former than the latter that may be why some perceive me as leaning leftward).

  6. Took it:

    Right about where I expected it to be. (and a bit to the right of yours, just as predicted!)

  7. Oh, and you are right about the mixed biases. But then, I think most of us are, which is what complicates things. For example, I have VERY strong feelings on the killing of unborn children, which prevents me from being able to vote for some otherwise (mostly) ok candidates.

  8. Very good. I think most people don't do as well as you did at predicting where they stand.

  9. I agree with you on that. Most of us tend to parrot a response others give us without due consideration (I hope that doesn't sound too harsh). Once questioned though, we find two things:
    1. we don't really think what we thought we thought (ok, I could reword this, but what would be the fun in doing that?), and
    2. we all hold contradictory views at the same time. It's amazing but true that not only is the human mind capable of believing contradictory things simultaneously, but it happens regularly.

    Use use to think I was more 'conservative' and libertarian than I am, until I really considered my positions and realized that overall I lay almost in the center of the political world.


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