22 June 2010

"Marijuana enthusiasts gather for cannabis events"

ASPEN, CO - APRIL 18: Beatriz Herrera-Rodden (L) shows off some of her marijuana samples at the Cannabis Crown 2010 expo in Aspen, Colorado. Herrera-Rodden runs Soverign Salud, a health and wellness clinic in nearby Carbondale that includes marijuana use in its bevy of relaxation therapies. Colorado, one of 14 states to allow use of medical marijuana, has experienced an explosion in marijuana dispensaries, trade shows and related businesses in the last year as marijuana use becomes more mainstream.
Who would have imagined, even just a decade ago, that something like this would be routine news in the mainstream media?

From a gallery of 40 photos at CTPost [Bridgeport, CT].  Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Image.


  1. Only 36 more states to go.

  2. Wow. She works out

  3. It should be mainstream, its gonna be one of many ways that we have to adopt to help our economy, think about it, gov. grows the weed, the people buy it, all profit. It's faaaaarrr safer than alcohol, less damaging. But Americans are ignorant so my hope is slim....


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