30 April 2008

When Helmets Make No Sense

I'm reluctant to glorify or memorialize foolhardiness in this blog, but the photos are impressive (there are several more at this link). What startled me even more about the story, however, was the location where these pix were taken. Look at the pictures again - it's hard to believe that that is Ireland. I enjoyed the Reddit commentary:

"in that situation, it's the bikes that don't make sense."
"Actually the title makes complete sense because the helmets are not protecting anything worth protecting (the bicyclists brains)."
"I think diapers would be more useful in that situation"
"those guys did that ride hungover after a pub crawl the previous night" (see Ireland link above).

1 comment:

  1. Hii i'm a 12 year old girl from Oz who loves this sort of stuff!!!
    I saw the picture of the bike riders on the cliff and I said "WHOAAAAHH THEY'RE CRAZYY"
    I bet I looked pretty scared! I then agreed with the heading- "When Helmets Make No Sense"
    Thanks for this REALLY good blog!!!


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